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What you should know about The Communist Manifesto

The communist manifesto which was published in 1848 is still one of the most influential books in modern days. The content in the manifesto has been and continues to explain the current situation. It’s advisable to read the communist manifesto more than once to understand its content and how it has same kind of impact on our world. The Communist manifesto should be on the list of books that you should keep. It reflects an attempt to explain a communist goal and the theory underlying the movement. Here are important things you should know about the communist manifesto.

You get to understand that the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class. When you read the communist manifesto, you will relate the words written since the situation has not changed much. Modern industrial society to be precise is categorized by class conflicts between bourgeoisie and proletarians. For instance, capitalist morals are being pushed into society over the question of benefits claimant. The bourgeoisie finds pleasure in stoking hatred towards the ‘benefit scroungers. They claim that they do not work hard. The bourgeoisie sit back and enjoys wealth while others make a few pounds a week.

The manifesto claims that development is inevitable while capitalism is inherently unstable. The communists are ready to support this revolution and any parties and associations taking history to its conclusion. The communist manifesto also explains the evolution of capitalism and the exploitative class structure which resulted from it. The class system composed of bourgeoise and proletariats emerged. The modern bourgeoise society established new conditions of oppression which added new forms of struggle. The communists argue that social classes cannot be eliminated through reforms or changes in the government. A revolution will be required to get rid of the social classes.

The communist manifesto explains what the communist party wants for society. The communist party that represents the particular faction of workers begins by pointing out why the organization stands out. The community party seeks to help proletarians to overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie. The key to doing this is to eliminate private property. Private property only benefits the bourgeoise while other people suffer under its reign. The communist party goal is the abolition of property in land and rent out for the public purpose, abolition of the right of inheritance, the equal liability of all workers, free education for children in private schools among others.
The communist manifesto entails four sections. After the book became popular, the authors revised and published it into a version that is familiar to the readers. The first section, explains the communist theory of history as well as the relationship between bourgeoisie and proletarians. The second section discusses the connection between the communist and the proletarians. There is the third section that addresses the flaws in socialist literature. The fourth section explains the relationship between the communist and the other parties. When you read the communist manifesto, you will realize how much fame it has achieved.

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